TDS Translogic


Insuring Your Freight

Included in your base freight rate: TDS's Standard Liability Insurance.

Applicable to a minimum claim of $50 or more, based on the lesser of:

• $2.00/lb calculated on the weight of the missing or damaged pieces of the shipment, OR

• The value (replacement cost) of the goods at the place and time of shipment, including the freight and other charges if paid.

• To cover the insurable interest of the Insured on new and used general merchandise excluding household goods/personal effects, automobiles, jewellery, bank notes, precious metals, securities, artifacts, valuable papers, works of art, stamps, dangerous goods, furs, live plants and animals, fresh or frozen products, perishable commodities, tobacco and tobacco products, alcohol and alcoholic beverages, memory or computer chips, bulk commodities, marble, glass or similar fragile articles.

Terms & Conditions of Carriage


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